So, like…what’s the deal with all of this? Why is Leaves being released as scripts? Why is everything free? Why are the covers black and white? What is the meaning of life?

  1. In 2013, I (Audrey) wrote the first draft of the first issue. It went on quite a journey after that, including making it all the way to someone at Dark Horse. (Which was simultaneously awesome and terrifying.)

    In 2014, I attended Martin Dunn’s panel about indie comics at MegaCon and took feverish notes. I left feeling inspired to take a new direction. Then I got really busy with my day job in digital puppeteering and didn’t have time to write for the next couple years.

    Finally, in October 2016, I launched my first fundraising effort for Leaves, vowing to bring the story across the finish line by any means necessary, no matter how much money we raised. To say I was woefully underprepared for this process would be an understatement. I wrote about everything I learned here. That’s a lesson I’ll only have to learn once.

    2. We only made about 10% of what we needed to go the traditional print route, so we decided to release all the scripts for our issues, online, for free. But I have never been so thankful for 10% of anything in my life. I love our backers dearly.

    Because I couldn’t afford to create a printed first issue with the incomparable Kate Carleton anymore, I went looking for a fantastic storyboard artist. The storyboards serve as a proof of concept for Issue #1.

    (All told, our budget from backers was $640. My husband and I kicked in over $400 personally to make it happen.)

    3. This was a learning experience for me, and I’m not so sure people want to pay to read comic book scripts. So I’m giving it all away for free. (But it’s still copyrighted and I hope to revisit it someday to do the story justice.)

    In the meantime, now that I’ve learned so much, I’m really excited to say I’ll be releasing my next comic online on May 1st. Right now, details are being kept under wraps as we finish Leaves and plan and create what’s next. But I can say this, it’s a comedy. On a spaceship. So I’m quite happy.

    4. Even though I couldn’t pay for full covers, I decided to release one script every month using sketched out cover concepts by Joe Burke. Because Joe’s art is super cool and I like it.

    5. 42 and/or John 3:16