Story Summary

ALLIE is a thirty-something loner and a bit of a sad sack. She struggles with internal regret to the extent that she attracts the attention of HECK, an inter-dimensional doorman who operates a portal to a mysterious island.

Heck’s job is to invite humans to visit “the island”. There, they will encounter an opportunity to revisit the moment of their greatest regret, make a new choice, and change their future for the better. Allie is so ashamed of her regret that she refuses to tell Heck what it is and she refuses to accept his offer.

As he pulls her back into his dimension multiple times to attempt to convince her, he finds himself falling in love. When she rejects him, he begins to harass her. In order to stop Heck’s unwanted attention, Allie must travel to the island to discover how his twisted Wonderland really operates.